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  •        Founded in April, 1991, 必威官网登陆_betway必威登陆官网_betway体育注册西汉姆 is a full-service partnership law firm approved by Justice Department Shandong Provice. Sunsum Law Firm has attracted lots of excellent lawyers, with a total number of over 40, who respectively graduated from prestigious university such as Peking University, China People’s University, Shandong University, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Southwest Politics and Law University, Huadong Politics and Law University, China Maritime University, Dalian Marine University, etc. Nearly half of the lawyers have degree of LLD and LLM, and several lawyers are law professors or vice professors,of Yantai University . Two lawyers are elected as member of Yantai CPPC; six lawyers are elected as the member of Professional Committee of the National Bar Association and Shadong Bar Association; several lawyers are elected as “the most excellent ten lawyers of Yantai city”. Some are elected as “the banners on Women’s day”. The diversity of knowledge, extensive working experience and practical skills enable our lawyers to provide our clients comprehensive legal services and satisfy their different need.
           Sunsum Law Firm is headquartered in Yantai, with branch in Jinan which is capital of Shandong province, and launched the Peninsula Lawyer League joined by the outstanding Law Firms in Qingdao,Jinan,Weihai,Weifang and Dongying,etc. With this advantageous position, we can offer the best and swift legal services for our clients.    Sunsum Law Firm, while keeping the advantageous position in traditional lawsuit field, tries its utmost to develop new legal service fields. Sunsum has establish itself a good reputation in the legal service fields such as investment, finance, real estate, intellectual property, maritime business, commerce, company, labor disputes, etc.
           Sunsum Law Firm is one of the first law firms in Shandong province which have gained the verification of ISO9001:2008 quality control system, and was awarded “Advanced Collectives Award” for judiciary and administrative system of Shandong, and was elected as “Shandong Excellent Law Firm” by Shandong Lawyers Association. In 2008, Sunsum Law Firm was elected as the” National Excellent Law Firm “by All China Lawyers Association, becoming one of the 100 Excellent Law Firm in China.